Wednesday, 19 October 2011


A few weekends ago, we decided to visit Etosha National Park, a huge tract of land in the north of Namibia. We'd been told by other volunteers that it was a great way to spend three days, watching the animals in their (mostly) natural environment. So thanks to a friend of Eveline's, we had a great deal on a lodge just outside the park and one for a night inside the park, and booked ourselves in for three nights.

Giraffe on the road

Day 1, breakfast at 6am, in the park by 6:30am in time to catch the morning water-hole visits. Our first sighting of animals inside the park: giraffes, zebra, oryx, kudu, springbok and lions!


Zebra at the Chudob waterhole

Generally, the idea is to drive up to a waterhole, turn off the engine and wait. Take water - lots of water - and hope you don't need to pee just as it's getting exciting.

Zebra, Kudu and Springbok (the small ones)

After watching the activity for a while at Chudob waterhole, we decided to move on and spotted a herd of elephants walking along through the trees. We thought they might be headed to a nearby waterhole, and so pulled up to wait. Ten minutes and a cup of tea later...

The elephants arrive... about 60 of them, with babies!

We watched them bathing and dousing each other with water for about two hours

One elephant stands guard so we don't go too near the babies

We then took a break from the heat of the day and eventually returned to the Chudob waterhole where we found all the animals standing as far away as possible from the approaching lions...

Lions and cubs drink by the waterhole

This lioness decides to camp out by our car, as her mate makes his way to the water

Day 2: we drive right through the Etosha park to the west side, passing by the famous Etosha pan, until we reach the lodge situated inside the park at the western side.

Jumping on the Etosha pan

Zebra at the side of the road

Ostrich and their little ones

We spot some lions making their way to a waterhole and lie in wait for them around the corner.

A cup of tea while waiting for the lions

An elephant crossing the road to get to a waterhole

Watching the rhinos at night at the waterhole by our lodge

Giraffes cross our path as we leave the park

A lovely taster of the wildlife of Namibia, and definitely somewhere to take my mother and sister to when they visit at the end of November!

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