Monday, 31 October 2011

Amani lodge

The view from Amani Lodge, just outside Windhoek

A few weeks ago, we decided to have some relaxation time and go and have a weekend away at Amani Lodge, 25km out of Windhoek. It's amazing how you don't have to travel far out of the city to feel totally away from it, and enjoy some quality R&R.

The city of Windhoek, nestled in the dip, seen from the lodge

We picked Amani lodge because of the promise of seeing cheetahs, lions and the owner's son, who poses on the website in a rather revealing Tarzan outfit (the owners are French, what can you say)...

Although Tarzan was nowhere to be seen, we decided to go on the champagne sundowner game drive in the lodge's grounds. The lodge works with the Cheetah Conservation Fund, helping to rescue Cheetahs and rehabilitate them, and release them back into the wild.

Then we saw some lions wandering over the hills...

And finally, we went back and were introduced to the cheetahs who had been brought up tame before they were rescued. One of them decided she liked the look of me and nibbled at the back of my shorts... although she was only playing, the sensation of smooth teeth sliding against your skin is enough to remind you that these animals are never really tame...

And finally, with a glass of champagne in hand, we watched the sunset before heading into dinner.

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